Frankfurt Buchmesse

Frankfurt Buchmesse

At last I visited the world-famous book fair in Frankfurt.
And there was a lot of surprises – as positive – as negative ones.
But still it is a place for all the bookworms as me 🙂

Firstly, I was impressed by the design of the fair as well as the separated booths.
The design of bookshelves and reader corners were really worth seeing.
For all design lovers there were plenty of really creative book covers and books layouts.
I was also happy to find our Ukrainian representatives there. Certainly everything they presented was connected with the war – even comic books. But this is our reality now. Still it was rather touching to spend time with our publishers there, to exchange information and of course to buy some ukrainian treasures.
And I was really disgusted by the huge russian booth that you could see far behind because of the communistic colours, big square… and absence of people. Really I love russian literature and in spite of my hatred to this country I still read classics and respect literature traditions that I have been fond of since my childhood. But instead of interesting books we found there only communistic shit with the portraits of Stalin and the book “Our great Castles” with OUR, UKRAINIAN CRIMEA on the cover. That was really creepy.

We also went throw the ART/Design Department and were more than satisfied with the awesome books – I would buy literally everything there.

As for the negative impressions I really didn’t understand why the organisation was so poor. The book departments were all mixed up – cooking with art, kids books with politics and so on. Quite puzzling – quite annoying. We were really lost in these many book halls and rows, no arrows, no normal maps, no color navigation.  But instead of it the huge prices for everything – from entrance tickets till the parking, not speaking about beverage and snacks.
The fair was really overcrowded – mostly with manga-clothed teenies that were far away from book lovers. Really – the manga department was not so big at all – why did we meet thousands of these kids there I still don’ t get it. But some of them had really cool costumes – so it was quite entertaining. And I would be happy to make some photos of them… but… the main hall of the fair was so full that it was not even possible to look at the books – you could be literally smashed in the crowd. And that was the most irritating part of the event: too many people, not enough air, not enough space and lack of organisation.

But all in all I liked it! And I got some nice books about art for the small money. So the fair was worth of visiting!