Вишивка по-сучасному.

Моє нове творіння – вишивка “Слухай українське”.
Вирішила, що вишивати можна не тільки традиційні сорочки, але і сучасні речі.

Hand made fabric bag “Pulp Fiction”

IMAG2157I like fabric bags. And I love Pulp Fiction!
You need:

paper, black pencil or pen, fabric paints, iron, hairdryer
1. First I made my sketch on the paper, the shapes should be really strong and dark in order to see them through the fabric.
2. Than I put the sketch inside the bag and transferred the draft with a black pencil on the bag.
3. I took the thin and medium size brushes to put the fabric paints on the bag.
4. After the picture is finished I dried the bag with the hair-dryer.
5. And ironed it for good 10-15 minutes with the iron in order to fix the paints.