we were all born in childhood

Oh, if only everybody in the world could remember that we were all children and that we were born in childhood. I wish all the people kept a piece of childishness in their souls, in their eyes, in their smiles…
I wish every human believed in wonders, maybe not always but just sometimes to feel that our life is the greatest value, just to feel that nothing could be more amusing than life, just to discover the Universe in the smallest drop of water.
But for human’s desire to grow up, to become serious and prosperous, to stand out of the crowd, they could feel themselves happier and freer!!!! I’d rather people didn’t afraid to be a little bit infantile, and didn’t afraid to show themselves funny.
If only everybody could be sincerely glad to every trifle such as a beam of the sun running through the clouds, the first snow, the first yellow leaves, the first brunches on the trees, the laughter of your friend, the purring of the cat and even lucky number in the bus.
If only everybody understood that just trifles make our life so brilliant and that just we ourselves make this life gloomy and uncolourful.
I’d rather all of you imagined that rather all of you possess a magic chalk (I’m sure you had one in your childhood) with the help of which you can make your life multicolored! You just need start dreaming.
But for the dreams we mightn’t see the Beauty of the world…
Children always swim in their pink dreams and you’d better started enjoying it also! …
We all have wings…I wish we could

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