What’s wrong with this world?

marla_singer_helena_bonham_carter_by_xabigal_eyesx-d5z01n2My personal relations with the modern society have never been easy. Frankly speaking, they are disappointing and are pulling me down. Just because my idealistic behaviour patterns don’t fit into the everyday routine. I really want to emphasize the word idealistic and not naïve. And here comes the questions – since what time elementary politeness has become a sign of flirt or even worse – a sexual proposal?

Lets imagine the situation. You meet an interesting person. Really interesting. You are interested in everything he/she says and you are eager to listen to him/her and to speak to him/her to broaden your horizons, or exchange experience or I don’t know – just to have an interesting conversation. You are an active listener and well, if you hear something funny you can’t stop laughing. Because laughing is something you can’t suppress or imitate, if it’s sincere. And you think that the opposite part has the same mood towards you. No flirt signals like occasional touching or this f*cking eyes plays or touching hair. Just you are you, being yourself or at least trying to do so. And in the end you are rewarded with a sexual harassment.

I am far from being feminist. Just because there are some certain things that men do better. Its objective. As well as there are plenty of things that belong to women. I do appreciate polite gestures from men, and men being gentlemen. But I have never thought that appreciating those things can cause troubles such as misunderstanding and invitation to sleep with each other.

Really, what’s wrong with you guys? It is sad that we should bitch around in order not to get involved in some inappropriate and indecent proposals? Or would it be better to exaggerate by saying direct something like – “Hei, if you say something funny – I will laugh – but I don’t want to sleep with you. Is it ok? Please don’t pay attention that I say “thank you” for giving me my coat or opening the door, it’s just me, being me. No sex, ok?” Would that be a proper way?

Or is it just the consequence of this emancipation shit? You, poor guys, have forgotten that women could not only be career monsters but also nice people? Who just want to reserve her natural kindness and be sincere with everybody…

2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this world?

  1. It sounds like you’re really hurt, sorry to read that. Don’t let bad experiences and misunderstandings change who you are. Everybody is different and “human society” is a complex construct 🙂
    But if you stay true to yourself, you’ll find people who respect you for that, who like you for that, and even ones who love you for that.
    And sometimes, if people do not get your meaning when you wrap it in nice words, you have to be blunt. Happens to me often enough that I dislike “political correctness” 😉

  2. And that is the problem – to stay true to yourself… or I would say that is the dilemma – to stay yourself – in my case with all the idealistic virtues I possess or bitch around and give no sh*t about political correctness 😉

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