Swan Lake. Reloaded or Tchaikovsky, we are sorry!

Swan Lake. Reloaded or Tchaikovsky, we are sorry!

Ultra modern electro/hip-hop/dubstep mix of the famous swan lake suite (op.20, Act II),
h-addicted girls with leather over-knees boots and a cruel pimp/drug dealer,
red-light district and acid parties, incredible lasershow effects and of course love and sensitivity!
All this is happening when Tchaikovsky meets street dance!
All this is modern dance!
The modern dance I can’t but enjoy and re-watch again and again!

Rather unpredictable and really courageous version of the epic love story rearranged by a very talented scandinavian choreograph Fredrik Rydman, who by the way choreographed the opening number at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö on May 14 and co-developed and choreographed the stage presentation of Måns Zelmerlöw’s song “Heroes” (oh yes, we all remember that swedish reprrrrrresentative that year ;).

From the first seconds of the performance we were really speechless and impressed. So great was the mix of laser projection, modern dance techniques, great bits, bright and unusual costumes, brilliant decorations and… well, yes… rather an unusual version of the Swan Lake.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_gEPtOTDJM]

Instead of the prince Siegfried’s birthday anniversary in the royal palace we contemplate a bright junky party, instead of a tender and fragile swan Odette we observe a heroin-addicted hooker and her “splendid” colleges, instead of Rotbart – a not much better pimp and a drug dealer.
And still the story was more than amusing and catchy and till the last moments we were really hoping that in the reloaded version we would see the happy end. In vain…

The performance was really created with a great sense of humour. That was the first time when I was laughing so much during the dance performance. But at the same time the love story line of the cute prince and at the end “clean” “princess” was performed really sensitively and touching.

Maybe in some moments I was missing a bit of pointe technique and beautiful arabesque that we can usually find not only in classical ballet but in contemporary as well. Still you should differentiate between the academic ballet and the modern dance. They are incomparable, they have different characters, different emotions and different moods.

The music of the performance is also worth mentioning, so that I already put it in my playlist. Successful rearrangement of the eternal melodies – maybe our dear Pyotr Ilyich didn’t expect such an upgrade of his composition but we indeed enjoyed it!

The whole bunch of impressions you can find here.

Unconventional art can also be great and true!



Stuttgarter Ballett, Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung

Штутгартский балет относят к ведущим балетным коллективам Европы.
Период Возрождения, а также мировая слава приходит в 1960-е годы, когда главным балетмейстером становится талантливый англичанин Дж. Кранко.
С тех пор труппа штутгартского балета известна во всем мире и не перестает радовать своих зрителей гениальными постановками, как классического, так и современного балета.

Мы наконец-то выбрали время и сходили на постановку Кранко “Укрощение строптивой”.
Комплиментам и эмоциям нет предела!!!
Костюмы, юмор, хореография  – все на высоте!

Особенно впечатлила исполнительница главной роли Катарины, Alicia Amatriain!!!

Первый раз я смотрела балет-комедию, и могу сказать, что это того стоит.
Публика заливалась смехом. Но даже самые смешные моменты были выполнены настолько изящно и тонко!
Вобщем, рекомендую!!! Всем-всем!