Kseniya Fuchs, born in Donetsk, is a Ukrainian writer, translator, journalist, artist and society activist based in Berlin. She studied English literature at the Donetsk National University and Advertising at Stuttgart University of Media. As a social activist, she runs the Ukrainian-German magazine Gel[:b]lau and manages the NGO Ukrainian Atelier for Culture and Sport e.V. 

As an autor

As an author, I write both poetry and prose. The year 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea in violation of international law, has changed my life forever: Since then, social responsibility and commitment as well as mental health have been my life maxims and the basis of my literary and journalistic work. The central theme of my debut novel “At the Back of the Sun: A story of one loneliness” (2019, Tempora) is social perception of people with mental illnesses and self-identification of patients who ended up in psychiatric clinics.

Since 2020 I write for the Ukrainian magazine “Tyzhden” various articles on mental health and psychoeducation.

Since 2020 I have been writing for a publishing house  “Books XXI” .

My novels “12 Seasons of a Woman” (2020) and “12 Hours of a Man” (2022) are dedicated to the various social and psychological challenges faced by modern women and men.


At the Back of the Sun: A story of one loneliness

Tempora, ISBN: 978-617-569-402-2


12 Seasons of a Woman

Books XXI, ISBN: 978-617-614-286-7


12 Hours of a Man

Books XXI, ISBN: 978-617-614-373-4


Smoloskyp 2018

laureate of the literary contest “Smoloskyp” for the novel “At the Back of the Sun”


BBC Book of the Year

short-list for the novel “At the Back of the Sun”


long-list for the novel “12 Seasons of a Woman”


As an artist

As a interdisciplinary artist, I like to experiment with a wide variety of different media and mixed media combinations. 

Thus, my works contains many layers and textures, as well as certain social statements. At the same time the intense colors of all the artworks serve as a certain unifier. My mixed media collages I see as a concoction of different fragments of my eclectic life experience. By sewing together my analogue photos, drawings, abstract paintings, cutouts and letters I create new hybrid art forms with a certain moment of storytelling. War in my homeland Ukraine, mass media overloading, consumer society, constant search of one’s own self alongside with art and love as only rescuers are the most important messages of the stories behind my art works.

Solo exhibitions

Donbas: 2014-2016

Photo exhibition (analogue and digital photos from East of Ukraine)

Artspaces “Kulturinsel” (Stuttgart) and “Bastion” (Ivano-Frankivsk), 2018-2019

Bunte Tage (Bright Days)

Art-exhibition (acrylic and silk paintings), animated projections

Kunst– und Lichternacht in donauwörth 2018, 10/2018

Spuren des Krieges (Traces of War)

Analogue photo exhibition (photos from war in Ukraine)

Temporäre-Kunst-Garage Heslach (stuttgart), 12/2022
Group Exhibitions

Kunst- und Lichternacht 2019

Acrylic painting and mixed media collages, animated projections

Downtown donauwörth, 10/2019


Silk paintings

Galerie auf dem Podest, Stadtbibliothek Reutlingen, 05-07/2022

Discover Ukraine: Volkskunst trifft Moderne

Analogue photos and silk paintings

artspace “labyrinth” (stuttgart), 09/2022